Hello world!

My name is Monica and I’m a 26 yo from Northern California with cosmic wanderlust. I always knew I wanted to travel but never realized I’d fall in love with the world as much as I have now.

I’ve decided to start a travel blog because 1) family and friends have expressed interest in the details of my trips and 2) I think it’d be a great way to keep track of my adventures throughout the coming years.

My goal is to share pictures (obviously) and provide suggestions on places to eat, drink and fun things to do.

Rey is my travel partner (and boyfriend of 6 years) and without him this travel blog would not be possible. You can follow us on our adventures by reading about them here.  At most, I hope my blog inspires you to travel beyond your own backyard and at the very least, you get a kick out of my horrible writing and awkward pictures. Enjoy!

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