Ibiza – Electric Island

As a group whose origin was a consequence of raving…Ibiza had been on our top 5 must-see destinations. At the beginning of this trip, I joked that this would be the ultimate ravers mecca and would be the pinnacle of my rave career. After experiencing the party island for myself, I have both good and bad things to say about our visit…but first here’s a run-down of where we stayed, what we ate and what we did:


Lodging: We were warned that summer is the busiest time of year for Ibiza and finding somewhere (cheap and decent) to stay would be a challenge. So we booked FAR in advance (approx. 6 months) and found the deal of a lifetime! We would be staying at a 2 bedroom apartment in old-town, near the beach. 3 months later, we were emailed the most AMAZING news…we would be upgraded to 2 brand new KING’S suite bedrooms complete with balcony, furnishings, washer & dryer and central AC! We were set! Then, about a month before our trip, we were emailed back and told that due to renovations…our reservation was being cancelled. GAHHH! We frantically searched every website but there was not one place under $300 a night! So we swallowed our pride and booked a 2-bedroom hotel called B-Llobet Apartments. The hotel is in a decent location, about a block away from the beach (which we never actually visited) and about a 30 minute walk/10 minute drive to the main club area. There are not a whole lot of shops or restaurants nearby but the hotel did have a restaurant in the lobby and provided free continental breakfast every morning. One of the great things about this place was the central AC (which is a HUGE plus in the humid summer) but it took a while for us to figure out how to use it. After multiple attempts at changing the different thermostats in all of the rooms, we left for dinner, hoping it would just eventually cool down by the time we got back. After returning several hours later, we walked into to what Alex called “The Meatlocker”! The apartment was so cold the windows were covered in steam. It was a sweet relief from the outside heat but quickly lost its appeal after about 10 minutes of feeling like you were in a refrigerator. Needless to say, we learned how to adjust the temperature and had a very comfortable rest of our stay.

Food: Our food options in Ibiza were not as on-point as was the rest of our trip. Most of the time, we ate whatever was most convenient which sometimes included pizza or Kentucky Fried Chicken (which is a lifesaver after a night at the club). However, there are a lot of nice places you can visit, for the right price ($$$). And because it was NICOLE’S 27th BIRTHDAY we were absolutely not going to pass up a celebratory meal!


Sa Punta – is right on the water and has the most incredible sunset views.  Although we didn’t get to sit by the water’s edge, our experience was fantastic! The food is delicious, service is friendly (“free” massages are available) and the decor and scenery are beautiful. Dishes include fish (mostly fish), salads, chicken, pork and steak. Their wine selection is pretty incredible too. Tempranillos all around 🙂

*Tip: Reservations are an absolute must. Try to request seating by the water and be sure to remind them again when you arrive of your request (it can’t be guaranteed but it’d definitely be worth a shot).

Dinner with rey

Activities: The one thing Ibiza is most known for are the clubs and night life. Like the Las Vegas of Europe, Ibiza has one main area called Playa d’en Bossa. Here you will find popular clubs like Ushuaïa, Pacha, Hard Rock Hotel and so many more. Our first night wasn’t that exciting. We walked the streets lined with bars and maneuvered through the sidewalks packed with sweaty people and persistent promoters tempting you with their drink “deals”. Again, we were swindled. We paid $10 for a drink and a shot which turned out to be watered down tequila with a very sugary chaser. Needless to say, we lasted for about an hour before heading home.

Our second night was 100x better. We purchased tickets to see Nora En Pure, Kaskade and Kygo at Ushuaïa. This had to be the best night of our ENTIRE trip! We showed up early to watch Nora, surprisingly it was pretty empty and were able to get close to the stage. Nora did what she does best, threw down with that deep house. Kaskade was next and absolutely BLEW OUR MINDS. We danced our booties off and had a true rave crew moment during our old school anthem, “Move for Me”. Kygo headlined and people went nuts. The crowd became a little too crazy and we made our way to the outside before eventually calling it a night.

Sweaty club-goers and watered-down drinks, lame. Sharing a moment with my soulmates, priceless.